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Corporate Vision

Corporate Vision

“Customer Focus, Attentive Service”
“Customer Focus”: customer-oriented, all for customers
“Attentive Service”: we should be enthusiastic, patient and careful in the service process, change passive “require our service” into active “we want to serve”, think what the customers think, do what the customers urgently want, be good at developing customer needs, and actively meet customer requirements, to achieve the objective and effect of “win public feeling wholeheartedly, retain customer’s focus attentively”.
“Attention to Details, Pursuit of Perfection”
“Attention to Details”: insist on doing little things carefully, and making details exquisitely, such as speaking details, etiquette details and hospitality details. Concerning small things and focusing on details in work reflects a devoted, dutiful, careful, responsible and meticulous professional ethics and spiritual health care with good beginning and ending, which mixes sense of mission and sense of moral responsibility together. “Details determine success or failure”: the only way to remain invincible in the fierce market competition and reflect our value of life is to perfect every little thing and every detail.
“Pursuit of Perfection”: enable customers to enjoy perfect service experience by humanized and personalized service.
“High, Strict, Meticulous, Practicable”
High – high starting point, high standard, high efficiency
Strict – strict system, severe management, solemn discipline
Meticulous – meticulous ideological work, subtle service, exquisite work plan
Practicable – practicable work assignment, solid work implementation, actual situation reflection


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